What’s PayPerHire?

  • Are you a startup looking to hire staff but cannot afford huge charges?
  • Or may be confused with long recruitment company’s agreement
  • or you don’t have time to wait as your projects are stuck.

No worries, PayPerHire is designed to answer all those hiring pain.

Being into industry for more than 3 years now, this is going out to be a rebuttal to all those issues that you face in hiring.

How it works?

  • Simply click on Hire, fill mandatory information requested.
  • You’ll get a call or an email seeking confirmation.
  • Our Turn Around Time (TAT) is 5 working days for closure.
  • You can pay in some 50% amount in advance to prioritize your work, Pay Here.
  • A dedicated accounts manager will be in your touch to help you in hiring process.


Relax & you can focus on your priorities.